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Autobahn USA is the leading international car transport company serving thousands of clients throughout the nation for their international car shipping requirements.  With over 25 years in the car transport business, Autobahn USA has the experience and resources to make overseas auto transport straightforward.  Throughout the world, we are known as experts with importing and exporting cars for collectors and dealerships!

Shipping a vehicle nationwide is easy in comparison to shipping it internationally.  It is because the process of shipping an automobile internationally is more detailed and more involved than shipping a vehicle to another state.  The process of loading and shipping the vehicle to the required paperwork and licensing, along with other logistics can make the process more involved with international car transport. Therefore, you want to make sure you have experts on your side when shipping any vehicle internationally.

What is International Car Transport?

International car transport is transporting a vehicle overseas in a professional and as safe manner. In comparison with domestic car transport, the distance is longer and usually involves transporting a vehicle by boat or air freight. Air freight is a costly option and more than likely reserved for high-end and exotic vehicles. Regardless of where you want to ship your vehicle, we can help you!

Autobahn USA’s International Car Transport Services:

Over 25 Years of International Car Transporting Service
Drivers are Highly Experienced and Expertly Trained
Driver and Your Vehicle is Fully-Insured
Specially Qualified Staff Proficient in Customs & the Import/Export Process

If you are relocating to another country and overwhelmed with how you will ship your vehicle overseas, there is no need to worry because Autobahn USA will take care of it for you. We will handle everything when it comes to shipping your vehicle internationally, so you can focus on other aspects of your move.

Autobahn USA Transportation is regarded as the leading international vehicle transportation solution! When you choose our auto transport services, you can rest easy knowing you have left your vehicle in the best hands.

We specialize in all aspects of automobile transportation, including enclosed car transport services and open car transport services. We make certain all vehicles transported are safe and secure! Each of our drivers is licensed, qualified, experienced and insured! We only employ the finest in the industry!

When you use our international transportation service, our drivers are equipped with a cellphone, beeper and GPS tracking so they are can be tracked and dispatch is always connected with them. Autobahn USA will give you peace-of-mind so you know your vehicle will be delivered to its destination without any issues. Call (888) 458-9052 today to schedule your international vehicle transportation service.

Call us today at (888) 458-9052 to schedule to have your auto transported using our enclosed vehicle transportation services.

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For our client’s protection, WE ARE FULLY LICENSEDAND INSURED transportation company.