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Autobahn USA offers open car transport service, which is a standard and most affordable method of transporting several vehicles at once.  It is a secure way of transporting vehicles, but there isn’t anything protecting the vehicles from the weather or debris.  This method of transporting is most commonly used by manufacturers and auto dealerships.

Do you have an ordinary car needing to be transported and want to transport your vehicle at the most affordable price?  If so, then the open transport service may be best for you.  Your vehicle will be secure, protected and insured against accidental damages.  One of the benefits of open auto transporting is there isn’t a wait period like there may be with the enclosed transport service.

With Autobahn USA’s open transport service, it is a cost-effective way to ship your vehicle safely!  We have the industry’s most qualified drivers handling your vehicle during the transport.

What Is Open Carrier Auto Shipping?

When an auto is shipped on an open carrier trailer. An open carrier trailer has no protection and your vehicle can be exposed to bad weather like snow, rain or hail. While there is always a risk of damage from the weather or debris, it rarely happens.

Autobahn USA’s Open Transport Services:

Vehicle Shipped with Other Vehicles
Affordable Auto Shipping Transport
Qualified Drivers
Drivers are Experienced and Trained
Driver and Your Vehicle is Fully-Insured
Autobahn USA uses a fleet of open carrier trailers driven by experienced drivers that will transport your vehicle with the utmost care. Don’t put your car at risk, leave it to Autobahn USA to transport your vehicle.


We specialize in affordable and professional open car transportation services. When we say that we are specialists in this business, expect us to stand behind our claims with from the beginning to end.

Open Car Transport

Before transporting your vehicle, we will secure your vehicle and protect it to ensure maximum protection. Your vehicle will be secured to the trailer, so that there will not be any risk of your vehicle getting bumped, jolted or damaged.

When you choose our open car transport services, your car will be safe and secure during. On top of that, our drivers are equipped with a cell phone, beeper and GPS tracking system, so we can track where they are and they have direct contact with our dispatch.

Call us today at (888) 458-9052 to schedule to have your auto transported using our enclosed vehicle transportation services.

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For our client’s protection, WE ARE FULLY LICENSEDAND INSURED transportation company.